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We genuinely want your organisation to succeed with your Health and Safety duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
We are always happy to offer free advice and provide you with all the tools and services needed to meet current legislation and guidances, always with the aim of protecting your organisation and those you have a duty of care over.

A Risk Assessment is a must!

If your organisation is under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, a Legionella Risk Assessment is legally mandatory, we can provide a comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment with our state of the art ReguL8 Software.

What happens on a Legionella Risk Assessment?

We will visit you on site at a time convenient to yourself, we will ask you for any plans you may have, which may be just a simple fire plan (we will also make our plans, but this speeds up the process). We will view all your water assets i.e. all water outlets, water storage, any machinery that uses water and incoming mains, this information and relevant details will be logged with photos. We will then create schemic floor plans and any associated plant pipe work diagrams.

All our findings will be pulled into a 65 to 175 page document and will provide the following:


Section 1

Executive Summary

  • Management Duties and Responsibilities
  • Delegation of Scheduled Tasks and Service Providers
  • Risk Assessment Asset Totals
  • Areas of Concern & Recommendations
  • Existing Control Measures

Section 2

  • System Numbering (guide)
  • Systems and Sentinels
  • Assets
  • Outlet List
  • Site Schematics
  • Asset Drawings

Section 3

  • Risk Assessment Front Survey Sheet
  • Risk Assessment Rating and Calculation Information
  • Management Structure Risk Assessment
  • Outlet Risk Assessment
  • Outlet Risk Assessment Photos
  • Mains Water Survey- System 01
  • Overall Risk for Site

Appendix A

Scheme of Work
Glossary of Terms (to help understand industry terminology)

Appendix B

WaterSpec Credentials and Member Associations

Appendix C

The Risk Assessment Advisers Qualifications and Competency

Appendix D

Additional Documents Relevant to the Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment will be emailed to you in a PDF format and can be sent to as many parties as you wish. We are also happy to bind a paper copy and send it to you.

Providing Legionella Control Programmes

If your Risk Assessment is found to be low risk, then no further action needs to be taken (just a periodic review and an update of any changes) however, if the Risk Assessment shows areas of concern then it is advised that either the risk be eliminated or managed.
The Health and Safety Executive appreciates that it may not be possible to eliminate all risk, so legislative guidance is provided to monitor trends in temperature that encourage Legionella growth along with hygiene regimes to discourage bacterial growth.
At WaterSpec we use software that uses your Risk Assessment for the basis of a comprehensive Legionella Control Programme.
Our state of the art ReguL 8 software keeps our clients informed 24/7.

A single email notification will alert you to any remedial work requiring your attention you will also have the added security of being able to view all data concerning your own water systems on a secure portal with your own unique settings.

Please contact us for more information.

Our Water Testing Services

With our UKAS accredited laboratories, we are able to test for the following:​​​​​​​

Chemistry Suites

Taste, Discolouration, Minerals, Pesticides, pH etc………

Microbiological Testing

Coliform Bacteria.
Escherichia coli (E.coli).

​​​​​​​With this service you will be able to gain a clearer picture of the performance and any potential threats to your water systems.
Please contact us for more information of any particular concerns.

Plumbing Services

We also carry out plumbing services, such as Cistern/Tank replacement, TMV servicing and leaking taps etc………
Please call for more information.

Other Services


  • We can provide your organisation with on-site training:
  • Level 2 Legionella Awareness (Hot and Cold Water Systems)
  • Level 2 Legionella Awareness (Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers)
  • This provides an Ofqual Qualification (higher than City and Guides).
  • Level 3 Award in Legionella Control for Responsible Persons.


  • Conforming with your Health and Safety responsibilities we provide an Outlet Labeling service (i.e. identifying drinking water, tank water and scaled risk) and more complex pipe and valve identification (an initial site survey would need to be carried out before accepting any work along with a disclaimer).
  • We can provide you with bespoke warning labels unique to your Organisation.

Test Equipment

We can provide you with Legionella Temperature Testing Kits.

Specialist Industrial Requirements

If you have a specialist heavy commercial or industrial project, we can refer you to an appropriate contact.